Мария Самарина

Академия EquiFlow -   <span class="text--accent">Мария Самарина</span>

Сооснователь метода Эквифлоу, куратор академии, тренер метода Эквифлоу

С лошадьми с 1997 года. Коневладелец с 2003 года. Работает в конном реабилитационном центре “ДАР” с 2008 года, начкон с 2013 года.

С 2012 года обучает конников (семинары, мастер-классы, очные уроки). В 2017 совместно с Мариной Красильщиковой и Тоней Шевченко создала авторский метод гуманного воспитания лошадей Эквифлоу.

Училась и участвовала в семинарах таких мастеров как Фредерик Пиньон, Сьюзан Лохас, Марайка де Йонг, Филипп Карл.

Ученица мастера академического искусства верховой езды Мариуса Шнайдера.

Постоянно проходит практическое обучение и повышение квалификации под руководством главного тренера академии Эквифлоу.

Специализация с лошадьми: коррекция проблем поведения и воспитание лошадей, работа на свободе, трюки,  гимнастирование лошади на земле от базы до продвинутых упражнений.


I put together narrative presentations on long rolls of paper in a box. Next, I’d roll it out slowly making a paper version of a TV show! My presentation topics were subjects like strangles (an equine respiratory disease) and obscure horse nutrition research. No surprises there!

In high school and college, I earned money and fulfilled my passion by tending to the horses in local barns. However, I saw things during those years that upset me and shaped my future.

One morning, I pull up at my workplace, it’s six-thirty, and the sun is sparkling on the dewy grass. It’s idyllic, yet as I walk into the barn, I feel my heart sinking, over the condition of the horses. Some are pacing, chewing on things, with their ears pinned back. Others are standing sullen in the corners.

It feels like a prison where the inmates are banging on their bars, or as I’d imagine an insane asylum to be.

Deep down, I knew not only were the horses unhappy, but also some owners. Many found themselves treated poorly by their trainers when these owners didn’t desire competitive success. Like me, they loved the simple joy of being around horses for its own sake.

As I used a pitchfork to throw fresh straw into the wheelbarrow, I surveyed the stalls. But instead of seeing the barn’s ill-conditions, I imagined it as the better place it could be, with just a few simple changes.

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